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Service Areas

Crews have a strict daily schedule, they are only at a service to perform services scheduled at that time. Some areas are specifically excluded from service. All non-lawn mowing services are to be completed by a landscaping crew and require additional billing

Plant Beds- Weeds growing in a flower bed are not included in any LAWN MOWING package, this is a landscaping service. This policy is very standard accross the majority of lawn mowing companies. We do not weedeat inside a plant bed. This is to protect your plants from accidentally being cut. We cannot expose ourselves to the risk of damaging and replacing those plants for the compensation of a few dollars to trim inside a bed. The risk is just too great, and we have been there done that, and have learned there is no easy way to use a weedeater to trim beds, leave those standard directions accross multiple employees, and ensure we will not damage your plants. Also, some plant beds are much larger than others, some require complete scalping, some need just a trim. There is no consistent way to "include" beds in a regualr lawn service. Lawn ends at the perimeter of all beds. If you require deeweeding of your beds, the landscape crew can handle deweeding. The lawn crew handles the mowing.

Driveways / Patios - Weeds growing in cracks of driveways, patios, walkways, or etc. are not included in any LAWN MOWING package.

Woods - Areas with a high tree to grass ratio are considered woods. They are not considered part of your lawn. hay, brush, or any other such areas are not considered part of your lawn.

Ivy - Ground cover and ivy are not considered lawn service areas. if there is ivy growing in your lawn the border of this ivy marks the edge of the lawn area.

From time to time our employees may waive these terms and perform these EXTRA services to just simply leave the service area in an appealing manner, but under no circumstances are they obligated to perform them, or repeat them. The proper way to maintain any or all of these areas is to schedule a monthly landscaping maintenance cycle, to be performed as the lawn is being cut. This way they arrive with the proper instructions, and equipment to propelry perform the service. This is typically one hour of work, ussually $35 , to handle any such special areas once a month, and keep them maintained properly. Please request this service if you are interested.