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Terms of Service

The following is our Terms of Service..


If you have a question which is not in this section, please contact us.

Payment Method

RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMERS : We use primarily electronic payment methods for recurring services like lawn mows. We also accept paper check deposits and and payments for larger 1x landscaping services. Credit card payments for larger 1x services have a 3% fee added. E-check and ACH payments have no fee. Paper checks have no fee.

We can accept payments through our payment portal on our website. Please click on the PAYMENTS link located at the top of most pages. We can accept all credit cards, debit cards, and checks via E-check / ACH via the payment portal. We accept paper checks only when sent, recieved, and cashed in advance of the service. If a valid payment method is not in place in your online account, you must pre pay for all services via paper check before services are rendered. We do not offer post pay services unless a customer has a signed annual maintenanace contract in place and the 1st months deposit is paid.



All 1x lawn mow services, and the 1st mow of any recurring service series must be pre paid. Subsequent services require a payment method on file, to charge directly after each service in an automatic manner.


Scheduled Services

We have two forms of scheduled services. Que and Day.



Our default communication method is email.

Although we would love to chat for hours on the phone with all our customers, this is just not feasible (Not if we expect to get any work done).


Pets, Children, and Gates

children playing

Our Pet , Children , and Gate Policy- We take child and pet safety and security very seriously. We strive to work with the homeowner to ensure the safety of their children and pets. Clearly identifying the home owner as the primary party responsible for the safety of these loved ones, before, during, and after the service is a top priority in providing true security. We will diligently request and demand of our crews that they always close gates, and doors behind them, but this alone is not nearly enough effort to ensure the security of our children and pets. It is our position that the customer is expressly responsible for ensuring that all children and pets must be removed from the service area(s) at the time of service, and cannot accidentally make their way back into the service areas during a service. After the service is complete, the customer is expressly responsible for the securing of all gates, pool gates, garage doors, and property doors prior to releasing children or pets back into these areas. This can be either directly after the service, or many hours or perhaps days later upon returning back to their property.


Aggressive pets- Even though pets may be friendly with their owners or acquaintances, their nature is to protect, and their behavior around strangers and foreign lawn equipment can be unexpected and aggressive. For the safety of your pets, children, and our employees the crews are instructed to avoid working in any areas where any of these loved ones are present to minimize the possibility of any injuries coming to them or our work crews. Please make sure the areas are clear when our crews come to perform work.

barking dog

Financial considerations- Unless a customer has paid for additional " DAY " scheduling costs, we are not liable to refund any part of the service costs for areas that cannot be completed due to the presence of a pet or child, and no discounts will be awarded for un-serviceable areas due to a pet or child being in the service areas. A vast majority of our services are priced and sold on a first come, first served "QUE" scheduling basis. A customer who purchases "QUE" scheduled service is not guaranteed prior notice before a service, nor an appointment time. As a courtesy we may email or text notification of an impending visit. Any arrival times that are given, if they are requested by the customer, are specific only as to what " day " of the week, and perhaps as a morning or afternoon appointment. This is as specific as we can be. This time is only our best estimate and best intention for an arrival window. They are not appointments. If a customer requires specific appointment times, this absolutely costs extra and must be requested by the customer. This is called a " DAY scheduled appointment." Due to weather, equipment break downs, and other constantly present challenges Depot Lawncare chooses not offer its loyal customers a myriad of inaccurate arrival times and prefers to offer them accurate day of the week arrivals times as either morning or afternoon. That type of commitment we can actually commit to, and deliver upon.

dog gate open

Liability considerations - If you have a pet or child, it is your responsibility to ensure that all access to the the service areas are secure prior to releasing them back into that area. Though our crews work diligently to close gates behind them, we are not the primary party responsible for ensuring the proper safety of your pets and children. The customer is the primary party responsible for securing the safety of their pets and children. I think most parents and care takers across the board would agree with this statement. And would also also agree that the lawncare care service provider is not the primary party responsible for the safety of their children and pets

child gate

This is especially true for pets as they can easily escape from their property when released into their yards if gates, doors, or garage doors are not properly secured. Especially so if one or more of the gates or doors present any type of closure issues or complications. Especially so if the access requires any type of special instruction to secure. Especially so if there is an established history or any issues with that particular gate, door, or pet. We will do our very best to close gates, doors and garage doors after a service, but the customer must be primarily responsible to ensure their gates and doors are secure prior to releasing pets out into a yard. We understand that this may be inconvenient for the home owner but we believe this is the only way to appropriately ensure that this type of event is avoided. Here in the office, we have very little control or ability to ensure that out of the 40 - 50 gates and doors that our crews open on a daily basis, not a door or a gate will be left improperly secured. We believe pet safety is not an inconvenience but a responsibility. We will work as hard as we can to protect our and your beloved pets. The best way we can do this is to communicate these responsibilities to the pet owners so they do not incorrectly assume that their gates and doors will be secured properly each and every time.

Dog running

Legal considerations - We will not be responsible for gate related issues such as lost pets or property theft that may ensue due to a gate that a home owner asserts was not properly closed or locked by our company. We will help you look for your lost dog or pet. And we will provide all relevant and helpful information that we can provide if your property is burglarized or vandalized at any time near any one of our service visits. It should be noted that other parties such as utility companies, other service companies, other guests to the home, burglars, or even the pets or children themselves also have access to these gates and doors at announced, and unannounced times.

Open Gate

Notifications - We do however welcome all notifications of when these events occur. These notifications help us to work together with you and our crews to better protect our loved ones whether they be children or pets. If you have experienced such an event, or need to discuss any details of this policy, or need to add any special request notes to your work order as they relate to your children, pets, or gates, please email us at :


Thank You

Depot Lawncare Staff

dog gate open


Our Crews need access to your lawn at your scheduled service date and time. We are not liable for the lack of access to your property caused by either a locked, blocked, or inoperable gate.


Lawn Obstacles

Our crews are instructed to remove any toys, trash, and other small visible debris from a lawn prior to service. They are not responsible for moving hoses, electical lines, or extension cords of any kind, nor can they move any part of any "installed" equipment.



Our lawn crews are instructed to be very careful around cars and other vehicles, and to shoot debris away from these obstacles.


Service Areas

Crews have a strict daily schedule, they are only at a service to perform services scheduled at that time. Some areas are specifically excluded from service. All non-lawn mowing services are to be completed by a landscaping crew and require additional billing


Estimates + Prices + Hourly Rates


Our work is mostly billed out on a time estimated labor rate formula. We rarely give exact pricing as the nature of this work is extremely variable. In terms of thourougness and individual customer preferences. We will request additional funds approval at the time we recognize that the project is going to be over time, or if the final time projects to vary from the estimate by more than 25%. If you are givien a price for a project, this is an estimate and not a final price. The type of jobs we give exact pricing for are for deliveries, dump fees, and work that is completed off site from your property.

Our lowest ongoing labor rate is $48 / hr plus a $28 onsite surcharge per tech. The surcharge helps to offset the cost of equipment preparation off site, drive times, logisitics planning of your project, and gasoline. This is often written up as an onsite fee per tech of $28 / tech. Other services such as Forman Directed Hours have higher rates.