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Our lawn crews are instructed to be very careful around cars and other vehicles, and to shoot debris away from these obstacles.

If they determine that a vehicle is too close to a particular services area, they are instructed to knock on the door and otherwise try to inform the customer of the situation for it to be remedied. However, if damage to your car body or glass occurs from a flying projectile delivered by our equipment, we will not be liable for this damage. Customers are responsible for moving all vehicles out of harm’s way to a temporary location while the lawn is being serviced. If you have insurance coverage on your vehicle, your insurance policy is primarily liable for the damages to the vehicle caused by a projectile.

Contrary to popular belief, the law, and most companies policies are written exactly this way. The owners car insurance is primarily liable to repair damage to a vehicle. If the owner of the vehicle does not have adequate coverage, then our insurance company will pay for the appropriate damages in this event. Home owners are responsible for securing their own vehicles. The burden for securing the vehicle from damage lies solely with the owner of the vehicle.